Fishing Superstars

5.4.5 for iPhone

The most fun time fishing


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Fishing Superstars is a fun fishing game in which you will have to launch yourself in the passive adventure of fishing some of the biggest fishes in different lakes, using all of your resources at your reach to do so.

This game will allow you to compete against other experiencesd fishermen from around the world. But of course to beat some of the best you will need some of the best equipment available. So you will have to win even the smallest of competitions so you can earn money to buy better equipment for your fishing rod or a new rod altogether.

One of the strong points of this game is the amount of fish that you will be able to find and catch. The ideal thing would be to fish them all if you can! But of course this would be a very long, hard, and boring task!

The visual appealing of Fishing Superstars is very authentic and wonderful, with a drawing style that is sure you have to love this game!

Fishing Superstars is one of the best fishing games that is currently available in the App Store. A great game that you will be sure to spend hours playing and lose track of time!
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